#🗺️ # Hi, I'm Gina Marie. ![[calendar-plus.svg]] <small>Oct 08, 2022</small> | ![[calendar-clock.svg]] <small>Feb 17, 2024</small> <span class = "rightimg">![[GM_Library (2).jpg|200]]</span> I have a proclivity for [[Personality Assessments MOC|personality assessments]] and have taken a wide assortment of them over the years. Some have really resonated with me and help me articulate the key aspects of my self and my thinking. - I am driven by curiosity. My primary [Sparketype](https://sparketype.com/assessment/) is the **[[Maven]]**, which means that I feel most alive and sparked when I am immersed in the process of learning. My #1 [CliftonStrengths](https://www.gallup.com/cliftonstrengths/en/252137/home.aspx) is **Learner** and one of my secondary [PrinciplesYou](https://principlesyou.com) archetypes is **Growth Seeker**. - I am a relator. It's #2 on my CliftonStrengths Top 5 and aligns with what PrinciplesYou identifies as my primary archetype: **The Peacekeeper**. This reflects my desire for developing positive relationships and seeking harmony and collaboration. - Connecting both of these, I am also a **[[Sage]]/[[Advisor]]** (Sparketype) and a Coach (PrinciplesYou). I like to share my ideas, knowledge and experiences and I seek to help others discover their own self-growth, development and learnings. There is, of course, more you can learn [[about me]], but this is the core of who I am. ## Welcome to my Brain Forest This site is a glimpse into my learning and relating process. It's a [[digital garden]], mostly filled with notes and resources from my journey through the Master's of Organizational Leadership program at [Gonzaga University.](https://www.gonzaga.edu/online-graduate-programs/online-programs/m-a-organizational-leadership) I'm also using this site as my [[ORGL Capstone Portfolio]]. [[Explore here]] to learn more about how I created the site and ways to navigate it. You can find a [[Changelog]] of recently added and updated pages in the menu on the left. [[Contact Me|Contact me]] if you have questions, thoughts or ideas you'd like to share.